Kraemer Engineering’s philosophy is to stay within our expertise and continually improve on our product. KEI specializes in Schools, Retail, Office Buildings (including Medical Offices), Design-build, and central plants. We do not pursue Hospitals, Industrial Process, or Laboratory type work. In a sense, we do not re-invent the wheel, we know what we do well and stay in that area of expertise.

KEI’s quality control results from the on-going internal training of its team members. Every employee at KEI has the opportunity to participate in technical sessions given by the various equipment vendors. These sessions include every aspect of the design of mechanical systems. All employees are strongly recommended to join Technical Societies to keep up on new methods of design. The sharing of information, and the efficient methods of data retrieval employed at Kraemer Engineering, Inc. have helped assure quality control in our design process. KEI provides the opportunity for every employee to better themselves and become a more productive part of the team.

KEI utilizes project check lists and coordination information sheets during the project help the designers do basic coordination. These lists are included in the Appendix for your information. KEI also utilizes the Project Guide furnished by OWP to direct the project manager and designers as to what information needs to be coordinated and transmitted at every phase of the project. KEI also incorporates OWP “Redi-Check” document to QA projects. These tools are important for the overall quality of any project and their use should be mandatory.

The construction documents require a certain amount of detail. We have always been told that the majority of problems on a project are roofing and mechanical. The mechanical portion of the project is thoroughly coordinated with the other disciplines of the building, and all ductwork is shown double lines and to scale. 1/4″ plans are used where extra coordination and detail is required. This is done to insure coordination between the architectural and structural part of the building.