Butler Design Group
Rick Butler
Kraemer Consulting Engineers has been an integral TEAM member since 1996. They are a big part of our ‘A’ Team of consultants, having provided MEP design services on millions of feet over the years. Why change something that has worked so well?
Stevens Leinweber Construction
Erik Powell
Vice President
I’ve personally had the pleasure of working with KCE for over 15 years. Whether its mechanical, plumbing, or electrical, I’ve always found there work to be exceptional. A lot of projects we complete are design build and the KCE team is great at working with other consultants and providing suggestions to keep the projects designed effectively while contributing to exceptional value engineering ideas.
JD-Sun Mechanical LLC
Jon Haug
Owner and Managing Member
I have been working with KCE since their inception in 1994 and I can say these guys are on their game as it relates to mechanical designs. I have used them directly on countless design build projects as well as installing countless more installations of their designs. From the upfront project evaluation to the final completion we just don’t find many conflicts or issues and their clean double line designs make for an easy installation for our installers. I can also say the final cost on their designs are one of the best values out there. I do hand it to Mike, Troy, Jason & Rick that their always updating their specifications and details to assure optimal designs as things change in the market. If you looking for a mechanical design firm for your next project, you will only be a winner with KCE on your Team.
Midstate Mechanical
Bob Sowa
Director of Preconstruction Services
The team at KCE is always a pleasure to work with. No matter if a project is design-build or a conventional design-bid-build, we have always found your team to be collaborative and goes above and beyond to ensure a successful project. Our relationship goes back 20+ years and their service has remained best in the industry and we thank KCE for the continued support you provide to our clients.
Brydant Real Estate
I’ve worked with KCE for years and they never let me down. They are available to assist with project planning before contract and deliver knowledgeable and professional services after contract. I deliberately request their services for my projects. They have been of invaluable assistance with the Brooklyn Bedding new manufacturing and HQ project, which Brydant is the Developer. Glad they are on our team!
The Plaza Companies
Susan Byram
Vice President of Design and Construction
Plaza Companies has been working with Kraemer Consulting Engineers for as long as I can remember with numerous different architects on a variety of projects from large ground up developments to small tenant improvement projects. We can always count on Kraemer to be thoughtful and innovative in their design approach. They take the time to learn the wants and needs of their clients and provide efficient, high quality designs. I love that I can always pick up the phone and call Troy with any question – whether it is a Kraemer project or not – and get his honest, educated opinion and feedback. Kraemer Consulting Engineers is a truly valued team member!!
Evergreen Development
Laura Ortiz
President – Evergreen Development
I have worked work Kraemer Consulting Engineers for over 15 years and they are our first choice for MEP design services on our retail projects. KCE has been part of the design teams for our largest shopping centers down to our single-tenant retail buildings and has consistently provided us with A+ service. Their team members are committed to providing thoughtful and cost effective designs that meet our needs and the needs of our tenants, and they always meet our deadlines. We can count on KCE, and they are a pleasure to work with.
Orsett Properties, Ltd
Steve Vincent
Senior Vice President
We have had the pleasure of working Kraemer Consulting Engineers for over 20 years, both as an Owner/Developer and as a General Contractor. In that time, we have worked with many other engineers, but none of them have been as diligent, accommodating or value oriented as Kraemer. They are quick to get on anything we need, and give us the straight scoop every time. We have our choice of engineering firms for MP&E on our projects, and there is good reason why we go to Kraemer EVERY TIME. Thanks Boys …you always have, and continue to, do a great job for us here at Orsett. You are not only partners in the work we do together, but friends we can count on.
Willmeng Construction
Keith Sabia
Principal in Charge
Troy Wurth and the entire team at Kraemer Consulting Engineers are at the top of our list when selecting MPE design firms on our most challenging projects. When it come to mechanical design, The Kraemer Team represents the best of the best in our industry. I have been working with Kraemer Engineering since 1997. Over the years, I have never felt that they were never the right choice when it came to their efforts. When soliciting MPE trade partners, it is obvious that when they see KCE as the engineers, they know the design is solid and there becomes a high level of interest. This sets up a competitive atmosphere when bidding out these projects. Troy and his team are the pinnacle when it comes to mechanical engineering in the valley and I look forward working with him and his staff when ever I can. Kraemer Consulting Engineers are true partners and exercise a nimble and reliable approach to meet the needs within each project they are a part of. They take this approach, while bringing to each design, “best value practices that the client can rely on for many years after we are completed, which becomes the ultimate complement. Even though Troy is not a good golfer, it is fun to golf with him because his abilities makes you laugh.
Willmeng Construction
Mike Mongelli
I have worked with Kraemer Consulting Engineers; Mike, Troy and their teams for over 20 years. They have continued to be an engineering group we appreciate working with on very complex to simpler projects of all types. I feel that they are a great trade partner that helps our teams work through challenges that may occur on projects and that they listen to our thoughts and ideas to help work towards solutions for our clients. Look forward to a continued relationship and opportunities to work together into the future for our two firms.
Willmeng Construction
James Murphy
I have had the pleasure of working with Troy and Kraemer Consulting Engineers for more than a decade. They are top-notch engineers that can handle technical projects, while having practical awareness to avoid over-designing less demanding projects. They are as good as it gets in my opinion and are always a pleasure to work with as well.
Deer Valley Unified School District
Jim Migliorino
Deputy Superintendent of Fiscal and Business Services
The Deer Valley Unified School District has been very appreciative of the engineering expertise that Kraemer Consulting Engineers have provided to our projects. Their designs have allowed us to meet our efficiency targets, ensure the quality of our facility environments, all within a prescribed budget. Their efforts have been appreciated even more due to the heighten demands regarding indoor air quality of late.